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Nippon can connect you to thousands of car breakers for your Daihatsu, popular Daihatsu car parts include air filters, spark plugs, brake pads and brake discs. For a fast, affordable part quotation, choose a model below. We'll save you money and make your Daihatsu run like new again!

Daihatsu Reviews

Daihatsu Charade review

Daihatsu Charade GTti Car Review

The Charade is a supermini manufactured between 1977 and 2000, with the GTti coming into play during 1987 and stopping production in 1994. You may think the 1.0L 3-Cylinder engine is nothing exciting. Think Again. Turbo aspiration, 800kg curb weight, 100BHP and DOHC means one thing: the fastest 1 litre production car ever made. Full Daihatsu Charade Review

Daihatsu Car Insurance

Nippon Automotive are offering a FREE comparison service, comparing over 80 different insurance companies for your car. Do you want cheaper insurance? Click for Daihatsu car insurance.

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Daihatsu Terios and Sirion news

Daihatsu Terios and Sirion - Extended Warranty

As part of their increased sales campaign Daihatsu are offering a new extended five year warranty on their Terios SUV and Sirion 5-door supermini, with unlimited mileage warranty plus roadside recovery. Both cars are for those of you on a tight budget, the Sirion starts as low as £7000 and the Terios has won various budget class awards. Full Daihatsu Terios and Sirion Story

Daihatsu Tanto news

Daihatsu Tanto - Its a Box

This year production of the second generation of the Daihatsu Tanto gets underway in Japan. Most of you probably haven't seen or heard about this car yet, looking at the picture, you're missing out on something big, literally. It's a big box. Full Daihatsu Tanto Story

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