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Honda Civic Clutch Kit - 3pce

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Clutch Kit - 3pce
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Civic Clutch Kit - 3pce

Car Models

1.3 3DR
1.3 3DR Twin Carb.
1.3 5DR
1.4 3dr
1.4 4dr
1.4i 3dr
1.4i H/Back 16v
1.4i Sal / H.Back 3dr
1.5 S
1.5i 3dr
1.5i Coupe
1.5i GT
1.5i LS 4dr
1.5i LS Aerodeck
1.5i V-Tec 5dr
1.5i VTEC,LS Aerodeck
1.5LSi 3dr
1.5LSi 4dr
1.5VEi VTEC 3dr
1.6 H/Back, ES,LS
1.6 H/Back, ES,LS ATM
1.6ESi VTEC 3dr
1.6ESi VTEC 4dr
1.6i LS 5dr
1.6i LS Coupe
1.6i SR V-Tec 5dr
1.6i SR V-Tec 5dr ATM
1.6Si VTEC
1.6SRi V-Tec Coupe
1.6VTi VTEC 3dr
1.6VTi VTEC 4dr
1.8 VTi VTEC Aerodeck

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