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Nippon can connect you to thousands of car breakers for your Lotus, popular Lotus car parts include air filters, spark plugs, brake pads and brake discs. For a fast, affordable part quotation, choose a model below. We'll save you money and make your Lotus run like new again!

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Lotus Esprit review

Lotus Esprit V8 Car Review

The esprit was first shown in 1972 at the Turin motor show and more recently the unique jagged Italian design appeared in the 90's with a V8 twin turbo engine, built in-house by Lotus, producing 355BHP. The styling is still firmly based on Peter Stevens overhaul in 1988, it will never look like the AMG's or the M series, but the performance is just as good.. Full Lotus Esprit Review

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Lotus Motor Company manufactures racing cars in Great Britain. They are renowned for their light weight and nimble fast cars. The company was founded in 1952 and more recently Lotus have been acquired by Bugatti. Proton also have a share.
During the 20th Century Lotus have had great success in Formula one racing winning a total of 7 constructors championships. Ayrton Senna da Silva (who was the last formula one driver killed while driving) won 2 championships for Lotus between 85' and 87'.

Lotus Exige
The Lotus Exige GT3

More recent models include the Exige (pictured above), the Eleven, the Elise, the Esprit and the Europa. Incidentally almost all of those models have a curb weight of less than a tonne (the Esprit is slightly heavier). You'll also notice the chassis of the Lotus Elise has been used for the Vauxhall VX220.

Lotus News

Lotus Exige news

Lotus Exige - 0-60mph - 3.9secs in the Exige

The new exige prototype was on show at Geneva last week sporting a 271BHP engine in a frame weighing less than a tonne. This gives a power to weight ratio large enough to fill the ego of any motor head out there! While the car hasn't yet begun commercial production, Lotus will be delivering the car sometime in 2008. Full Lotus Exige Story

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