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Nippon can connect you to thousands of car breakers for your Mazda, popular Mazda car parts include air filters, spark plugs, brake pads and brake discs. For a fast, affordable part quotation, choose a model below. We'll save you money and make your Mazda run like new again!

Mazda Reviews

Mazda MX5 review

Mazda MX5 2.0L (2007) Car Review

This is part of the third generation of MX5's, with production starting in 2005. The car builds on what it does best and in terms of looking good it’s almost identical to the previous version. This 2 Litre model produces 160BHP which performs reasonably well, producing a 0-62MPH time of 8 seconds. Full Mazda MX5 Review

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Mazda Part Information

Mazda are the fifth largest Japanese automobile company, behind Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Suzuki. The company was founded in 1920, where they started manufacturing machine tools.
The first vehicle produced by Mazda was the Mazdago in 1931, which resembles a motorcycle with a trailer on the back. Like all other Japanese car manufacturers at the time, the start of the Second World War brought a halt to commercial production. Mazda were now involved in producing weapons for the Japanese army – specialising in Rifles.
After the war Mazda concentrated on marketing their brand through the Rotary engine, they successfully managed to sell the RX series oversees due to its appealing nature, with its light weight engine and good performance

Mazda Cosmo Sport
The Mazda Cosmo Sport

Mazda are famous for their rotary engines, being the only car manufacturer to mass produce these type of engines rather than solely producing reciprocal piston based engines. The first Mazda vehicle to use a rotary engine was the Cosmo Sport (or 110S) in 1964; this was the start of Mazda's brand. The RX8 is still produced today using this type of engine.

Mazda News

Mazda 2 news

Mazda 2 - New Mazda2 3-Door at Geneva

The new Mazda2 3-door hatch was unveiled this week in Geneva. The car is currently produced as a 5-door, but this model promises much more in the way of fun. This car was originally called the Demio – which debuted way back in 1996 – however Mazda have totally re-designed it (for the better).  Full Mazda 2 Story

Mazda 6 MPS news

Mazda 6 MPS - New Mazda MPS

Mazda are releasing new sports models of their Mazda6, called the Mazda6 MPS (Mazda Performance Series). Rumours have it that this car will go head to head with the mighty BMW M3. It's got the looks, but does it drive well? Full Mazda 6 MPS Story

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