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Get connected to Mazda 626 car parts breakers through Nippon Automotive. We're one of the leading car parts resources in the UK & have over 25 years of experience. You can be sure that your Mazda 626 parts will be upto 50% cheaper than official dealerships - so don't delay - pick a part from below and submit the enquiry form to get connected to a local pre-screened Mazda 626 breaker.

Mazda 626 parts

Air Filter
Air Filter - M201009
Ball Joint - Lower
Battery- Yuasa
Brake Disc - Front
Brake Disc - Rear
Brake Drum - Rear
Brake Hose - Front
Brake Master Cyl. Repair Kit
Brake Pad Set - Front
Brake Pad Set - Rear
Brake Shoe Set - Rear
C.V. Boot Kit - Outer
C.V. Joint Kit - Outer
C.V. Joint Kit - Outer +ABS
C.V. Joint Kit - Outer- M214004
Cabin Filter
Clutch Cable
Clutch Kit - 3pce
Clutch Kit - 3pce - M210043
Clutch Kit - 3pce- M210024
Clutch Master Cylinder
Clutch Slave Cylinder
Contact Set
Distributor Cap
Fuel Filter
Fuel Pump
Hand Brake Cable - Front
Hand Brake Cable - LH
Hand Brake Cable - RH
Head Gasket Set
HT Lead Set
Hub Lock Nut (Black)
Hub Lock Nut (Large)
Ignition Coil
Lambda Sensor
Lower Wishbone LH
Lower Wishbone RH
Multi Rib Belt - 3PK765- M222001
Multi Rib Belt - 4PK815
Multi Rib Belt - 4PK875
Multi Rib Belt - 4PK910
Multi Rib Belt - 5PK1000
Multi Rib Belt - 5PK1025
Multi Rib Belt - 5PK1150
Multi Rib Belt - 5PK1165
Multi Rib Belt - 5PK855
Multi Rib Belt - 5PK970
Oil By Pass Filter
Oil Filter
Oil Pressure Switch
Rack End
Rack End LH
Rack End RH
Radiator Cap
Rotor Arm
Spark Plug
Spark Plug - Platinum
Stabilizer Link - Fr L
Stabilizer Link - Fr R
Stabilizer Link - Rear
Steering Rack Boot
Temperature Sender
Thermo Switch
Thermo Switch - 97~92
Thermostat 82c
Thermostat 88c
Tie Rod End - Outer
Timing Belt
Universal Joint - Propshaft
V Belt - 13x815i(850e)
V Belt - 13x925i(965e)
V Belt - 13x925i(965e)- N122027
V Belt - 13x940i(980e)
V Belt - 9.5x850e
Valve Cover Gasket
Water Pump
Wheel Bearing Kit
Wheel Bearing Kit - Frt
Wheel Bearing Kit - Rear + ABS
Wheel Bearing Kit - Rr
Wheel Cylinder
Wiper Blade 400mm Pin
Wiper Blade 425mm Pin
Wiper Blade 450mm Hook or Push
Wiper Blade 450mm Pin
Wiper Blade 475mm Hook or Push
Wiper Blade 500mm Hook or Push
Wiper Blade 525mm Hook or Push

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