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Nissan Cherry Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is a part which filters out dust and other contaminants inside the fuel line of a vehicle. They are important in prolonging the life of a car as well as maximising efficiency.

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Fuel Filter
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Cherry Fuel Filter

Car Models

1.0 3dr
1.0 5dr
1.0 L, DX 3dr
1.0 L, DX 5dr
1.0 L, GL 3dr
1.0 L, GL 5dr
1.0 Saloon 100A
1.2 3dr
1.2 Coupe
1.2 Coupe 120A
1.2 Estate
1.3 3dr
1.3 5dr
1.3 Coupe
1.3 Estate
1.3 GL, GS, DX 3dr
1.3 GL, GS, DX 3dr ATM
1.3 GL, GS, DX 5dr
1.3 GL, GS, DX 5dr ATM
1.5 GL ATM

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