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Nippon can connect you to thousands of car breakers for your Subaru, popular Subaru car parts include air filters, spark plugs, brake pads and brake discs. For a fast, affordable part quotation, choose a model below. We'll save you money and make your Subaru run like new again!

Subaru Reviews

Subaru Impreza review

Subaru Impreza WRX Sti 2.0 Car Review

In 2005 Subaru released a new range to the second generation. Bringing with it more power and luxury. Before this the second gen Impreza had been somewhat monetised, Subaru wanted it to appeal to a wider audience much to the dismay of the enthusiasts. However, this WRX Sti is what the boy racers dream about - its A 2.5L turbocharged powerhouse. Full Subaru Impreza Review

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Subaru Part Information

Subaru are the automotive establishment of the Japanese transport company Fiji Heavy Industries and are famous for their involvement in 4WD cars. They were founded in 1953 and the first Subaru car was produced later that year.
1954 saw the birth of their first car, the Subaru P1, funnily enough the company was named after the car rather than the other way around. The stars on the Subaru logo represent the star sign Pleiades (Which translates as Subaru in Japanese).

Subaru Company Information
Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Its hard not to mention the Impreza when talking about Subaru. It was first introduced in 1992 after the Legacy, which was the first car that brought Subaru into the modern era. The Impreza WRX has been one of the most successful high performance 4WD cars in both racing and the commercial arena.
The company are now tied with Toyota due to the purchase of 8.7% of the shares from Fiji Heavy Industries. Subaru continue to manufacture many 4WD vehicles with their infamous boxer engine, models include the Forester, Legacy, Outback, Tribeca and Impreza.

Subaru News

Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer news

Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer - First Boxer Diesel Engine

High performance with low economy?.. Last month the world's first ever boxer diesel car went on sale. Fuji Heavy Industries have produced a car with new features that include a sportier yet distinctive design, a smoother ride, prestige interior and advanced technologies that help lower emissions and fuel economies. Full Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer Story

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