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Subaru Impreza Brake Pad Set - Rear

The brake pads are included on all cars that carry the disc brake braking system. They are a pair of steel plates with material on the face which comes into contact with the disc.

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Brake Pad Set - Rear
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Impreza Brake Pad Set - Rear

Car Models

1.6 Station Wagon
1.8i GL 4dr
1.8i GL 4dr ATM
1.8i GL 5dr
1.8i GL 5dr ATM
2.0 Turbo 4dr
2.0 Turbo 5dr
2.0 WRX Turbo P1
2.0 WRX, Station Wagon
2.0i S,GL 4dr
2.0i S,GL 4dr ATM
2.0i S,GL 5dr
2.0i S,GL 5dr ATM

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