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Daewoo - K.I.T.T.Y - Talking car helps with shopping

2008-05-27 11:12:32 - We've all done it, a stressful day at the shopping center, only to walk out to the car park and totally forget where we left the car! Daewoo have realised this and have come up with a new innovation called K.I.T.T.Y (Key Innovation That Talks To You).

It's a bit like the old key chain whistle gadgets that never really caught on. K.I.T.T.Y is a small remote control, once pressed it will tell your car to literally shout out a message of your choice. Indeed, people could use it for other means and have A LOT of fun with this!


Susan Kalair of Chevrolet says: 'Drivers waste so much valuable shopping time searching for their misplaced cars and up until now there hasn't been any real solution to the problem. Hopefully, our talking car will solve the problem.'

Make your own mind up about this one guys and girls.. See k.i.t.t.y in action...

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