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Lexus - Hybrid Drive - London Congestion? Pah.

2008-05-27 11:12:32 - The main reasons the scheme was introduced was to reduce congestions. However, it only had minimal effects. Therefore a new system will be brought in whereby cars emitting above 225g/km of CO2 will pay a whopping £25 a day. However, cars that produce less than 120g/km of CO2 will pay absolutely nothing. The cars in between these two bands will have to pay out £8 (which is where the Lexus falls).

The congestion charge is operated by the Transport of London Capita Group. The company have close circuit television screens all around the congestion zone, these cameras can automatically detect number plates and send out fines... Scary.

New policies take affect from 27 October

Hybrid Synergy Drive from a Prius

The 3 Lexus Hybrid Drive car models are the RX 400h SUV, the GS 450h performance saloon and the LS 600h limousine. The technology behind the cars is called the Hybrid Synergy Drive, which is an electric drive combined with a continuously variable transmission (basically a gearbox with infinite gear ratios). What this does is it allows the engine and engine controls to have no direct mechanical link, for example when a driver presses down on the accelerator pedal it sends electrical signals to the motor - rather than opening/closing the inlet valve.

All this fancy technology could save people up to 4000 a year! Just think, after 7 years you could get a Mitsubishi Evo X... Of course the mayor of London would love that!

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