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Lotus - Exige - 0-60mph - 3.9secs in the Exige

2008-05-27 11:12:32 - The new exige prototype was on show at Geneva last week sporting a 271BHP engine in a frame weighing less than a tonne. This gives a power to weight ratio large enough to fill the ego of any motor head out there! While the car hasn't yet begun commercial production, Lotus will be delivering the car sometime in 2008.

Lotus Exige Prototype

The Exige Prototype.

A picture paints a 1000 words? I think so…

The top man at Lotus Mike Kimberley said: 'The Exige GT3 concept road car is a fantastic showcase product from our race car performance division, Lotus Sport. The car's racing background becomes immediately obvious from its aggressive stance, extreme width of rear track and innovative three-dimensional rear wing. The foundation of all Lotus products is phenomenal handling and ride characteristics, but the Exige GT3 takes these into another dimension altogether where supreme road holding and outrageous acceleration come evenly matched with sensational stopping ability.'

Expect this supreme car to set you back £55,000.

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