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Mitsubishi Lancer Prototype-S News

Mitsubishi - Lancer Prototype-S Car News

Mitsubishi - Lancer Prototype-S - Shown at Geneva

2008-05-27 11:12:32 - The 5-door prototype made its debut at Geneva this week. The good news is the car will indeed make it to production - currently scheduled for September this year in Europe. Its a bold and striking looking car with the front end attitude of an Evolution - coming equipped with 240bhp 2.0L turbocharged engine its not as powerful as the Evo X, but being a hot-hatch the target market is certainly more mainstream.

The trademark grill and overall striking front end along with the oversized spoiler at the rear make this car stand out. This is what Mitsubishi want if they are going to compete with the new Impreza WRX. Its estimated the Mitsubishi will produce a 0-62mph time of just over five seconds, with a top speed coming in at over 160mph. Prices are likely to be starting at around 20 grand, which is reasonable considering the features; including the famous four wheel drive and active differential, along with various other technological driving aids to stop the driver from losing control!

The company are likely to market this car widely in Europe so don't be surprised if you see a fair few on the roads before the year is out.

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