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Suzuki - Splash Car News

Suzuki - Splash - The New City Car

2008-05-27 11:12:32 - 2008 brings a new mini mpv for Suzuki, going by the name of 'Splash'. The original concept was unveiled back in 2006 at the Paris Auto Show, since then Suzuki have been in a joint production process with Opel - whose version of the car is called the Agila. The vehicle has been specifically designed for the European market, it will be second in command in Suzuki's line up, behind the Swift.

The Splash at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Its called a city-car for a reason, in that its designed for people in the city (Funnily enough!). It will be compact and stylish much like the Suzuki Swift. With a snazzy interior full of colour and neat seat arrangements for extra space - this car is sure to impress your average town girl/boy. The car will come with the option of a 1.2L engine or a 1.3L turbo-diesel, both outputting 85bhp and 74bhp respectively. Both of these models, while not super quick, are good enough for the average person and will help with the fuel costs also.

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