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Daewoo Kalos Car Review

Daewoo Kalos Supermini Car Review

Daewoo Kalos Supermini

2008-05-27 10:44:54 - The Daewoo Kalos (Also known as the Chevrolet Aveo) is a cheap supermini produced from 2003 onwards. The first Kalos was produced on the T200 platform, arriving with a mixed reception. Now we have the T250 platform, the base of the current models, winning many awards including 2006 car of the year.

The Kalos has an above average feature pack when compared to other cars of the same class/price. The Kalos SX includes air con, ABS, dual airbags, electrics, alloys and cd player, but all of this looks rather dull from behind the wheel… Its all very plastic – what you’d expect for the price.

While the 16valve 1.4L model is badged up as a 'sport' it's far from it at 94BHP – although you do get a nice bodykit to show off. Other versions include the 1.4L 8valve and 1.2L - 72BHP; this will struggle with heavy loads! Handling wise the car has noticeable body roll, which is inevitable in a car this size. The brakes and steering are reliable and good, but nothing special. Overall it fails to deliver what the Swift or Mini offer.

Daewoo Kalos review

The 09' Kalos (Badged up as Chevrolet)

If you're not bothered about having the style of the Suzuki Swift of Mini this is a very good buy, coming in at £4,000 and insurance group 3 for the standard model. It'll just about do the job as a small family hatchback.

Score: 6/10

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