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Ford Focus Car Review

Ford Focus ST Car Review

Ford Focus ST

2008-05-27 10:44:55 - The Ford Focus MKII arrived in 2004, while 2005 brought about the sporty ST version. The car has been designed to compete with other sport hatchback's, including the Swift Sport, VW Golf and Honda Civic.

Performance wise, the ST includes a 2.5litre turbocharged engine and a 6-speed gearbox. Although the car certainly won't out accelerate a lot of its competitors, the general performance of the engine across the whole spectrum from 0 to its top speed will impress everyone.

Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST

The Focus ST is responsive and nippy due to an introduction of suspension stiffening, when compared to the standard Focus, ride comfort isn't much different, even on long journeys, which may surprise some people as the suspension has been lowered somewhat.

In terms of quality, the Focus makes use of acceptable materials which have good reliability and a nice visual aesthetic appeal. The engine and gearbox (from Volvo) will ensure good reliability.

The ST is kitted out with Recaro seats and extra gadgets, and has a generally more sporty looking dashboard when compared to its standard version. Those seats will make gaining access the seatbelt hard in three door cars and may not be the standard choice for your average middle-aged man. Then again that is'nt the target market!

All of the versions will have Recaro seats, added instruments, a bodykit and flashy interior trimmings. The better model for the money is the ST2, which includes a Sony MP3 player, xenon lamps, a heated front screen and stability control. Top of the range ST3 includes leather Recaro seats and a CD changer to boot too.

Score: 7/10

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