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Hyundai Getz Car Review

Hyundai Getz 02-08 Car Review

Hyundai Getz 02-08

2008-05-27 10:44:55 - The Hyundai Getz is an affordable supermini car with bags of quality and plenty of practicality about it. The Getz has been a big seller here in the UK, the reason being that it offers good equipment, good looks and a great price (along with a 5-year warranty).


Engine sizes vary froma 65bhp 1.1 litre up to a 106bhp 1.6 litre, there is also a diesel option in the shape of the 1.5 litre trubodiesel. This diesel engine turns out to be the most powerful, making long journeys on the motorway bearable, however if your after a city car then the 1.3litre is the one - its both nippy and versatile.


Hyundai Getz Photo

Above: The Getz


In terms of handling the Getz is solid and predictable, with steering which provides a competent and appealing drive. The 5-speed manual version is hassle free, with the car finding all gears with ease. The suspension will, like all supermini's, at times feel fairly uneasy, but the Getz can handle all, but the most bumpy of streets. Being a small car, you can expect parking to be relatively simple and the PAS means no aching arms.


The spacious interior, supportive seats and enjoyable drive make long journeys easier, especially in the diesel. Top of the range models come with a leather steering wheel and gear trim, also a metallic centre console, air-con is standard across the range. If your looking at the Swifts, Polo's and Fiesta's, save a bit of cash and get this car.

Score: 9/10

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